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CTI Advisory Services


The concept of the Taekwondo Advisory board is based on a belief in the importance and power of shared leadership. Kwanjanims , Sabumnims and Kyosanims in the Caribbean Taekwondo community work together to provide advice regarding technical development , Curriculum Management and  Dojang policies in accordance with the mission of the CTI.

The primary function of the advisory board it’s to provide advice and assistance to the Dojangs that do not have senior Dan ranks  or are in need of support in developing jurisdictions

Advisory board members offer their experience and expertise to strengthen the decision-making


This assistance is provided through the function of committees such as planning,

policy development, finance, public relations/marketing, development/fundraising, and

 Black-belt candidate assessment. Committee designations may vary from nation to nation.

It is through the work of such advisory board committees that recommendations are made, direction is set and curriculums / policy is developed.

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